Expression of recombinant proteins

Proteins expressed in E.coli

We will express and purify the protein of your interest:

  • in a vector and E.coli strain of your choice
  • in an amount that you need
  • tagged or untagged
  • fused or modified
  • in a final buffer optimized for your experiment.



Please look at some examples of our efforts:





Fig. 1. Human non-tagged ubiquitin, final elution from heparin sepharose

Fig. 2. Artificial mini-intein purified on the Ni-NTA sepharose.

  • m - molecular size markers
  • 1 to 5 - elution fractions
  • 12.5 % PAAG, Comassie Blue staining
  • t - total bacterial cell lysate
  • ft - flowthough
  • w- washing
  • m - molecular size markers
  • elut 1 to 7 - elution fractions of the final preparation

10 % PAAG, Comassie Blue staining


The homogeneity of proteins is checked by the SDS-PAGE stained with Coumassie blue and scanned by gel scanner.

As a final proof we use also the silver staining.





Two grades of protein purity are available:

- standard (>85% of homogeneity)

- extra pure (>96% of homogeneity)



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